Sunday, March 11, 2012

My Home

Have you ever got lost in an ice desert?

Felt that extreme cold touches.. it can even froze your soul itself.. cruel harsh nature and you are trying to just stay alive..

Walking.. walking and never reach your destination.. every now and then you find a spot you can feel it might be your final destination and you found out it’s like final destination horror movie..

Walk again.. and again.. sit.. like you are carrying tons of ice above your shoulders.. Feel nothing.. Wait nothing but die.. Waiting for death won’t be such a bad idea at that time..

When surrender.. when lose hope.. dreams.. the wish to fight for your life.. when lose everything else.. you see a light, faraway, you can tell it’s a destination.. is it your destination?

Do you have the strength to go up and try?
One more mile?
Can you believe it?
Maybe it is just a mirage.. like everything else? Will you go?

I went.. I gave myself another chance.. I shake the snow from my shoulders which piled for decades.. My 36 years starting the moment I was born.. the frozen soul over the years, like living in an ice desert ..

I went.. i followed my heart promising myself it would be the last time i will ever let the lead to my heart..

I went.. to the light.. like a butterfly, i though if i got burnet it will be the end of the road and i may catch my breath in heaven or hell, or it might be my last chance to find my last destination.. my home..

I let go.. I gave my heart the lead.. and it led me to my home.. a cozy warm spot in the ice desert..

A little cottage in the middle of the ice desert.. i found it.. It wasn’t a mirage.. it was my final destination.. My home.