Wednesday, March 7, 2012

The End

What if you know when you are going to die? And waiting your ending?

It could ruin the whole life.. If you are waiting for the end of a life or a love story.. It could ruin the whole story before it even starts.. And it could ruin the life.. It will ruin the sweetness of the beginnings..

“The Ending” my first concern, It is my defense mechanism to stop your invasion into my deepest..

A defense mechanism to hide into my shell.. I think of the end to avoid the whole story.. Why go through a painful sweet story while I know the end..

Prediction? To predict the expected is not a prediction, I expect the sweetness of the beginnings.. shiny like a diamond ring with a touch of a sunray.. tender as a jasmine rose.. Cold breath in a hot summer day..

A blossom touches the deepest point in your soul.. crawling inside slowly, till tighten its grip on your heart.. then, the end begins..

Starting to squeeze your heart slowly minute by minute then crash it and leave it as smashed meet ball, bleeding in misery..

It is not a pridection it is happining already from the beginning of creation to the end of existence.. Everything has an end.. starting with phone calls to the life itself.

1 comment:

  1. Why endings should be painful! Why even story ends before we ourselves end? As u said at the beginning if we knew when would we die all life will be ruined, the same concept would be shadowed on any experience of life, if we always think about the end before we experience the story this will make us inhuman at last.